Lemon Tea Cake

I have fun doing this new photogrammetry lemon cake, especially compositing the models in every shot. This project has been gone for 1 and half week on and off, if it was a continous work I could have be finish in 3 to 4 days. The photogrammetry models are obviously the cake and the egg tray except for the half cake which I added some details on zbrush. The rest were modelled in 3dsmax and detailed in zbrush. Doing this kind of project is not just straight from the photogrammetry model, it needs some love to get to closer to photo real render. I have to separate the lemon from the cake and the cream which requires some remeshing and project it on the original mesh using the zbrush project and uvmaster for unwrapping. The reason why it needs to be seperate because of the materials, the lemon has some SSS shaders and the cream has its own shader. Its impossible to create a material in one mesh especially with SubSurface Scattering. As for the Max file, I made 3 separate files since every objects where move to find the best composition of the whole image. I will be doing another video tutorial for this so stay tuned on my youtube account.


Software: Corona Renderer, Zbrush, Photoshop, 3dsmax, Nik software, frischluft