A Day with Summer

My concept for the Summer in the City Challenge would be a 

an interior scene of a 1970 print publication’s newsroom, where reporters 
sit at desks, gather information, and write articles or stories on typewriters.


——————–~~~~~~~~~~” A DAY WITH SUMMER “~~~~~~~~~~~~———————
Is a story about Ben’s daydreaming at work, He’s a junior reporter who works 10hrs a day from monday to saturday and sometimes on Sundays if needed. He’s a very hardworking employee just like his other colleagues.But everyday on summer season when the heat of the sun hits his desk he always daydream about the white sand on the beaches or nice places to unwind and get away from stress. But then again its just an everyday question for Ben, if when….. when can he have the chance to have a Day with Summer…


Objective for this contest is to make the audience feel the heat of the sun inside of a busy office.
Although this image is a little surreal, it shows the boredom of too much work and longingness 
for a vacation because sometimes people work too hard and worry a lot, that they forgot
that there is more life out there than just work and problems.